21 July 2017

KingCast Says Boycott the Fuck out of Big 5 Sporting Goods for Whidbey Island Racism.

No more tennis socks or tennis balls from these fuckers (EEOC link):

Straight up boycott Big 5 Sporting Goods as EEOC sues them for "spook" "boy" and "king kong" insults to black Whitbey Island employee.

Robert Sanders was the only African-American employee at Big 5's location on Whidbey Island. According to the EEOC's investigation, the store manager and various assistant managers called Sanders "spook," "boy" and "King Kong" and told him that he had the "face of a janitor." The agency found that even though Sanders repeatedly reported this conduct to upper management, the company failed to act and Sanders instead faced escalated harassment as well as retaliation in the form of increased workloads, denial of breaks, and unwarranted discipline. After he was forced to take several leaves due to stress, one assistant manager told Sanders, "We will hang you, we will seriously lynch you if you call in again this week." Another assistant manager asked Sanders if he was "ready to commit suicide," offering "assistance" when he was ready to do so.

"I came prepared to work hard and put in my dues to become a manager," Sanders said. "But I was met with comments about my race: 'You're the perfect definition of 'spook' because your skin is so dark, but your teeth are so white.' And it went downhill from there, to being taunted by another manager trainee about 'ending up in a river, dead.' Whidbey Island is a small place, and I didn't want to leave my house. I felt like Big 5 took away my ability to not just succeed at work, but to simply live my life with dignity and without fear."

...........This of course begs the question as to how rampant racism really is out here in our little utopia.

15 July 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Klein v. Litchfield, Cavo 15-CV-03646 (SDNY) is Proof of Corporate Pig Sexism in Addition to the Racism in KingCast v. Mark W. Rattan.

Well folks we saw in this journal entry and Bar Complaint how Litchfield, Cavo Partner Mark W. Rattan attacked my stationary camera and me during a disciplinary hearing against foreclosure defense attorney Wendy Alison Nora.

When I filed my Bar Complaint with the Office of Lawyer Regulation they hired another stiff white male, Terry L. Johnson to defend. Johnson sets out on the war path, attacking each and everything in my past even though my skirmishes with various corporate and state entities always ended on a positive note for me, or demonstrating liability for employment violations or racism or First Amendment violations on their part. You can read about that in my reply at bottom but today we are here to discuss the theory that those in glass houses..... might now want to throw stones:
The simple fact of the matter is that Litchfield, Cavo have been sued in Federal Court for being sexist pigs so that fits perfectly into this puzzle, along with Wells Fargo hired Counsel walking around calling people who look like Petitioner “niggers.”

Klein v. Litchfield, Cavo 15-CV-03646, Cavo as reported by Above the Law, here is my email to the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Johnson and others:

Yah if we want to play that game let's talk about a Name Partner and his sexism shall we?http://abovethelaw.com/2015/05/so-i-cant-tell-my-associate-to-do-more-to-satisfy-her-husband/ 

On that subject, another way to get to know your employees is to spend some time with their family. Defendant Eckert also discussed Plaintiff Klein’s sex life with her husband and said 

“I feel your pain, I don’t know how you’re married to Bari.” 

While each day the conversation would begin relating to work, Defendant Eckert would inevitably bring the conversation to relate to Plaintiff Klein’s personal life. Those conversations included questions about how often Plaintiff Klein had sex with her husband, how it felt to have sex in her parents’ home, why Plaintiff Klein did not have sex more often and asking if plaintiff Klein would ever cheat on her husband. 

Apparently, Klein didn’t appreciate all this alleged great advice and asked her firm to do something about it. As Law 360 reports: Klein regularly told the firm’s partners about Eckert’s behavior, saying she felt she was being treated differently because of her gender, but nothing was done to improve the situation, according to the complaint. 

Klein had a “severe” panic attack one day in the office, but the firm did not call for an ambulance until Klein’s mother, who learned what happened, called one of the partners and demanded that her daughter be taken to the hospital. By firing Klein only five days after she returned from her FMLA leave, it will be difficult for Litchfield Cavo to argue that the two are not connected, her attorney, Jesse Rose, told Law 360 Tuesday. 


But see, it wasn’t retaliation, the firm just thought she needed more time to recover and… yeah, I can’t push this pretense any more. Klein seeks compensatory and punitive damages of an unspecified amount and Litchfield Cavo and Eckert have a pretty dismal set of allegations to overcome. 

........I suppose this is all my fault as well? The fact of the matter is, in my 52 years on this planet as a black man sensitive to the concerns of all minorities and people of moderate to lower-incomes (including many white males) I have come to know the presence of Hegemony, Racism, Sexism and that progeny of social anathema. Consider it as parallel to the Miller Test for obscenity, 

"I know it when I see it." 

And so it should come to pass that with a few key strokes in PACER I uncover this gem, fomented by another PARTNER. That corporate sickness trickles down folks, and it trickles right on down the tops of the heads of people like Mark W. Rattan, but not on my watch it doesn't. I have a history of exposing corruption and it is not about to stop now. Apparently I should have been spending more time in PACER to learn about nasty white men and the nasty white men who defend them. This one is going up on the blog and into the public SCRIBD document later today. 


12 July 2017

KingCast Motorsports Explains the Bimmer vs. Beemer Thing.

It's so simple. Cars are Bimmers and bikes are Beemers.  I found an old photo of my '87 535is and yesterday I saw a '78 R100 S....  I got to nurse one of those back to some sort of rideable health while I held it in trust for a dear friend of mine.  I loved that bike. This particular bike is in exceptional condition and would make any Beemer owner proud.

11 July 2017

KingCast Sees Fang and Pepper Underfoot buy him a New Car!

Papa we like this one the best because the seat heaters still work!

28 June 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Reflect on Police Abuse, Kathleen O'Toole's Bookend Police Killings and the Shame of Charleena Lyles' Homicide.


City City Council and Kathleen O'Toole have tapped into a keg of Political Whup Ass.
This is actually good for the city; a wake up call that cannot be ignored.

Emotions are high and they SHOULD be high because these emotions are distended from years of oppression and government malfeasance, outright abuse. I have video of last evening's public hearing on this police slaying but I am not certain which portions of it I am entitled to use just yet.

I know about police abuse, having nailed Hamilton, OH bad cop Richard Hensley for assaulting a black motorist back in the '90s, and he continued on his path for many years. Frankly I bear no compunction to say "I told you so."

I also know about Boston Police under the auspices of Kathleen O'Toole. I've been waiting to share how former Boston Fire Captain James Berlo was targeted by BFD and BPD after he blew the whistle on racism in his department. A video of BPD illegally trespassing (that's redundant I guess) at his home down in Quincy -- out of jurisdiction -- somehow disappeared from YouTube with 7,000 local views but I put it right back up. I lived in New England for 13 years so you can't fool me. Been there done that and Mumbles Menino was a Chief Architect of Oppression, yes he was. 

Then we come to the $5M settlement in the Victoria Snelgrove shooting while I was living there, and please note that her shooting was accidental. As I recall the police were using low impact weapons and a knee-knocker skipped up and struck her in the head or something. Close enough, trust me I know I'm right without even looking it up.  To the contrary, however, Ms. Lyles homicide was imminently foreseeable. 

As to this case, I already know enough to know that at least one of the officers involved failed to bring his lesser impact weapon to the home of Charleena Lyles, and that is why she is dead today. It is a shame that Chief O'Toole's career is going to be somewhat book-ended by these shootings, the first one understandable as it was.  She does herself no favors by ducking out on last night's meeting so I am going to take this opportunity to expose all of this for the American and World Public to see.


PS: Let's not get into the history of Seattle City Council ignoring important things my people have brought to them, including their refusal to bring Marie McDonnell in to discuss MERS mortgage fraud she found in King County pursuant to her hired task as forensic specialist/auditor, paid for by the taxpayers of course. And of course never mind that Multnomah and other jurisdictions in Oregon have successfully sued MERS over this very issue. Of course never mind that many of these same city councilors attended a forum I helped arrange to discuss mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud and underwater homes four years ago

Promises, Promises....

25 June 2017

KingCast See Pro Se Litigant Max Felix Sue Randolph MA Police for Malicious Prosecution and Defeats Summary Judgment.

 Max Felix v. Town of Randolph 12-CV-10997

Max Felix was falsely charged with crimes he did not commit. Defendant Kevin Donnelly said he knew him from years ago but he DID NOT know him and Donnelly was not a credible witness despite being a licensed police officer. 

Mr. Felix claims that police reviewed surveillance video from C & J Cuisine from the night in question yet ignored the exculpatory evidence, i.e. that he was clearly seen at the restaurant during the time in question. The City Lost Motion for Summary Judgment on 19 Feb 2016. 

This is a recorded phone interview with Counsel for the Defendant. He was actually one of the more professional Defense Counsel I've ever worked with, so kudos to him. So many defense attorneys are completely rude and disrespectful so it is refreshing to catch a breeze of something else.


22 June 2017

KingCast Motorsports Presents: A Seattle Yamaha TZ750 Sings Happy Birthday to Sean Westlake at Backfire Moto #71.

Note: The list of motorcycles that actually scare me is very short.
Namely, this one.
The old school "Widowmaker" Kawasaki H2 is child's play next to this.