16 April 2018

KingCast Sees Facebook Lawyers Respond to Racial First Amendment Facebook Censorship Concerns.

Mysteriously ALMOST back on. I still might sue. Why two more days.... It's already been a week for a 3 day suspension.

I know Cooley LLP is watching. The question I have, is did #Zuckerberg lie to Congress about whether he had contacted Diamond and Silk too? So tiresome. Just turn my service back on dammit. Otherwise the Discovery Requests are going to prove very dangerous to them.

Yes.  Read further.

Not their first time in the rodeo against black Seattle activists, I see.  
I'm here to see to it that it is their last. Trust me on this.

According to the spokesperson, Facebook knows the apparent pattern of disabling the accounts of black activists doesn't look good, but insists their actions are not intentional. Moreover, the content review team feels terrible when those mistakes happen.

OK then prove it.

On Thursday, 19 April 2018 we are going to have an in-person chat about the "Legal Diversity" that Cooley, LLP espouses

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UPDATE:  A former Facebook employee (whose identity will remain secret pursuant to our agreement) told me today, 17 April 2018: 

People take this too personal, it’s a bot. I said well my ban related to me complaining about racism six (6) months ago, and it happened 2 days after I posted the scathing WashPost story about Mark Zuckerberg’s repeated and feckless apologies and commitments…. So now the lawyers either prove or disprove that by their actions now that I’ve notified them. If I don’t get my page restored I will indeed sue. My post was obviously not condoning racism or violence but was clearly decrying same. So that being the case, restore my page immediately. It has already been at least five (5) days instead of the three (3) indicated by FB. I see the FB defense firm has an office in Seattle. It would behoove them to take care of this before my people and I start making visits.

Regard the new video coming by morning, 18 April 2018:

Facebook Lawyers Respond to Racial First Amendment Facebook Censorship - KingCast 
Cooley, LLP. 
Michael G. Rhodes rhodesmg@cooley.com
Matthew D. Brown brownd@cooley.com
Jeffrey M. Gutkin gutnikjm@cooley.com
101 California Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111-5800
tel 415.693.2000
fax 415.693.2222

Arns Law Firm
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Angel Fraley, Paul Wang et al.

PS: Jeff great jacket and tie combo you're rocking that look I gotta give it up bro. Props.

By the way, I did not have FB on my birthday, 14 April. They cut it the 13th. Today is the 17th and it's still not back on. That's more than the three days they claim. Mark Zuckerberg is Devil incarnate. And I also note that I had just posted this WashPost story about his many apologies over the years too.  Yeah. I'll sue that hater under a Public Policy argument soon.

At the outset for anyone who cares about the First Amendment, share this post immediately.

Hi Mark,

First of all take a look at all of these stories where white folks have posted comments that are actually racist on Facebook and they remained posted.  Then I as a black man and former Civil Rights attorney write a post complaining about racism and you ban me for three days.

That is one of my images as selected by the ACLU for a calendar a few years ago. It is a black man who overcame racism at UMass Amherst. His name is Jason Vassell and I will tell you about him in a minute.

I've been waiting for three days to say this since I was wrongly banned from Facebook so I'll say it now and I'll say it straight to Mark himself. I will look him right in the face given the opportunity and break it down like this:

Facebook has been accused of racial discrimination based on content, and that is directly applicable here.

I was punished for complaining about white men committing violent acts against black men and how black men cannot retaliate in kind, lest we be considered the wrongdoer and punished.... which is precisely what you did to me about my comments on a post I drafted a full six (6) months ago.

Now keep in mind the racism was rampant in both examples. The white men who attacked Jason Vassell at UMass Amherst were not even students there, and one of them had a history of abusing women too. The white lawyer who attacked my equipment and me is facing disciplinary action by the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Meanwhile Facebook throws me off, over my birthday weekend no less. That's shameful.

Mark you claim that you are open to some sort of regulation. I have a great idea. Since you and your henchmen have created and monopolized the largest single open marketplace of ideas the World has ever seen, the thoughts and ideas expressed in that milieu must be protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution within America. 

It's nearly impossible to comment on many newspapers today without a Facebook plug-in. You are the new thought police. And to have you as a private entity in such a role is a dangerous thing. A very dangerous thing.

How you handle it outside of America I don't know but I'm willing to discuss some International Treaties of course but for communications originating in the United States Facebook cannot pick and choose which content to punish. If I am not advocating for imminent violence or lawlessness then you simply have no business playing thought police. 

What you can do is to create a code system whereby content is coded as to whether it involves discrimination or sex or drugs but that's about it. As I heard a U.S. Statesman observe last week, you do indeed have a monopoly going on here, and your current mode of regulation is not doing substantial Justice to me or to many others. Things have to change.

#MarkZuckerberg #LindseyGraham #racism #censorship #FacebookBan #Discrimination #FirstAmendment 

13 April 2018

KingCast Shows How Interlopers Casey Sherman, James Renner, Tim and Lance Ruin the Liko Kenney and Maura Murray Stories for Profit in Franconia.

Oxygen Channel Disappearance of Maura Murray is Caught up in Intellectual Property and Defamation Issues With Maura Murray and Liko Kenney.

Interlopers and Exploitation Threatens to Ruin the Liko Kenney and Maura Murray Stories

Relative to this case, where in the hell were any of you guys  when John Smith and I were busy gathering and analyzing entire criminal files that I have maintained to this day?

Well folks I have here a birthday update for you about the exploitation in this case.

My birthday is 14 April 1965. A different year than Greg Floyd's but the same day. I've known this for some time now because I was one of the first on the scene to investigate, along with one John Smith, an NH native who also poured his heart and soul into investigating the mysterious disappearance of one Maura Murray. I was there with Liko's friend Oliver Ruff at the Statehouse demanding an investigation. I was also there shooting these pictures of Floyd when he was convicted of yet another abusive crime, and I was the one who sued the State and Town to get footage of Corporal Norman Bruce McKay using chemical weapons on a young girl, and I was the the one who exposed the State's failure to release all of Greg Floyd's criminal and military AWOL records. I got them from an honest Public Safety Attorney, Marta Modigliani.

Now keep in mind that Casey Sherman was around too, but Casey came to meet me at the Dutch Treat one day that Maura Murray's people were in fact throwing a part for me for suing the State of NH and the Town of Franconia for vital information including protocol showing Bruce McKay's violations on 5/11 and video of Bruce McKay OC spraying and flailing on a young girl, Sarah. 

I had also gone to Court and obtained the files on cases identical to the 2003 thrashing that Liko received from Bruce McKay and two other cops for no lawful reason at Fox Hill Park. In emails with me Casey Sherman admitted he publicly stated that "Liko Kenney wasn't a good kid at all and he incorrectly claimed that Bruce McKay had Probable Cause to detain Liko Kenney. He's full of shit because Liko's license was valid and the contemporaneous cases of  State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109 and State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029 prove that Judge Peter Cyr agreed that the stops were Unconstitutional for blocking egress without PC. And who the hell is Casey to make that determination against me, I've actually won criminal trials and have them on videotape to prove it. 

Basically, the Town supported John and me as he and I toiled away on our own nickel for the most part, and I gathered these documents, went to Court, and twice successfully testified with the Town folk against Bruce McKay Highway.

Now Interlopers Lance and Tim and Casey have a documented history of ignoring us after they gleaned the information they wanted so that they can continue their apparently paid work with Oxygen Channel.  Someone else wrote me recently and referenced them so I reached out to them. I'm not going to divulge her identity at this point.

Those guys made a video in which they made fun of John and told him to just "go away" and referred to him as a "crazy troll pot smoking hippie loser" then they rejected his Registered Mail asking them not to use his information because his information, unlike mine, was not public record. He says they threatened him and I believe him. "If you press this it's going to get ugly." 

To hell with you guys. If you press me, it is going to get ugly for you beyond measure. 

They teamed up with James Renner, who is also from Cleveland. But Renner worked for the Cleveland Scene if I recall correctly, while I worked for the Cleveland Edition. You don't even have to ask which publication was mostly about music, and which one was mostly about editorial content, using writers from the recently-defunct Cleveland Daily, the Cleveland Press. Ask Publisher Bill Gunlocke. He's still a friend of mine.

And Tim and Lance told me to "go away" too after they had their interview with me so that they could tie Liko and Maura together and have Renner accuse Fred of diddling his daughter with no indicia of credibility whatsoever.  Watch out for Defamation you guys and don't even think about threatening me. I'm an attorney and I have attorneys so you don't scare me one fucking bit.

And don't forget Casey Sherman, the first Original Interloper. As you can see here Casey demanded $1,000 from a public college to appear. He failed to appear at a bookstore appearance and my people had put out money for that and had to remove posters. Instead he ran off with John Stimpson and started making a movie based on his sorry-assed book that was in my opinion largely self-published. He's an ass. More on this later, much more.

And oh, the teacher of the class is now Police Chief of Somerset, MA and he agrees with his statement at our website. I spoke to his class on my own expense as seen in our trailer video.

Much more on this later.

09 April 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Congressman Eric Swalwell is Correct on Journalist Protection Act in Today's Hostile World.

As you watch this short video, know that I have worked for the Indianapolis Star and the Ohio Call & Post newspapers. I was a First Amendment Scholar before I finished law school in 1993. The only classes I earned A's in were Constitutional Law and First Amendment Law.

As you review the Journalist Protection Act take time to see how real professionals handle situations like this in a hotly-contested case here in Seattle.

Take a look at some of these more extreme examples. While the actual physicality of these other attacks is in some ways greater than mine, my example is no less egregious. This is particularly true in light of the fact that this was a controlled environment in which we have a highly-established lawyer as the perpetrator.  To compound injury, he and his lawyer both refused to show any contrition or remorse. His lawyer Terry Johnson sits on a panel of the Office of Lawyer Regulation as I now await the final determination as to what should happen to Attorney Rattan. Johnson chided me recently with a comment "You haven't changed one bit."

This from a man who has a history of representing abusive white men of privilege, including a frat that has been banned from College campuses and has actually killed someone.

Well the point folks is that we as journalists don't have to change, especially when we are operating within clearly-prescribed limits of the law. I had never defied any order of this tribunal yet when I questioned why the hearing officer failed to admonish the establishment lawyer he threw me out. Apparently I am not allowed to tell him I will be raising his conduct with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As you will see however, this Hearing Examiner was all over me months ago in the same proceeding, issuing warnings that were completely uncalled for.  I'll be suing him soon.

That's a Chilling Thought.

Addendum:  Take a look at the hubris of Terry Johnson and one of the only black attorneys at his new firm, von Briesen attorney William F. Sulton. Terry is upset because he knows he lost to me, it's just a matter of time -- perhaps next month -- when his abusive client gets the final Decision from the OLR as indicated by the Report and Recommendations thumbnail posted above, right.  So that in part explains his thorny nature, even though a bit of contrition from his client or him could have gone a long way they are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. They even implied that I doctored the video, LOL guys the OLR found absolutely NO EVIDENCE of that.

Now it comes to Attorney Sulton, who also told me to stop writing the Wisconsin African-American Lawyers group. Terry calls my activity in protecting my personal space and the First Amendment "nuttiness."

But not to be outdone, and promptly echoing the edict of the Massuh' Sulton turns around and says "I'm even worse. Ask around."  I told him "I don't need to ask. I know an Uncle Tom when I see one."  Fools like him are a dime-a-dozen at the slave auctions. I hope he got some knee pads with his signing bonus, right.

08 April 2018

Bring Mae Home - Public Hearing Oral Argument on Pet Raccoon as WDFW Ruins Lives.

Apologies outright for the FB compression that resulted in this abysmal quality of this video. Apparently long live feeds do this, so when I downloaded the live feed this is what I got. Ugh. Lesson learned. Anyway it is important for everyone to hear what is going on. Later you will see other video from that day in video #2 that was not live-stream video. It's fine.

Here is some back story as my Sister Alison Morrow at King5 has been covering.

Here is some back story about how WDFW killed another domesticated pet, Hawthorne the Squirrel owned by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

As a former Assistant AG I look at this stuff and just think, "Don't you guys have other things to be working on besides killing family pets that were saved from certain death in the wilds?"

Anyway I think if you parse out the language that is involved with Chris Greer's Hunting License the family is clearly allowed to gather and to possess the animal. End of story.  

I love the comments at the end of the Hawthorne story:

 (4) comments 

It's too bad these stories are not one in a million, but instead have become common place.
The only way this is fixable is if the WDFW gets leadership that stresses their position as a steward of our wild resources rather than looking upon wildlife as "Belonging to The Kings Men".
To the administration of the WDFW, you're supposed to be using your authority to take the best care of our wildlife as possible, not subduing it with heavy badges. 
Proud rehaber 
Congratulations, the WDFW has become the KGB.
And this is a classic example of what the government in this state has deteriorated into. Rather than applying a bit of common sense in this situation - and a little common decency - the bureaucrats at WDFW hammered down the gavel and enforced the law of the land (whether it was in the best interest of the animal or the people involved). Now, the poor animal has lost its life in an awful way, and the spirit of those pulling together to do something good (in this time of strife, when so many people are fighting against each other) has been crushed? And as for the secret informant - WAY TO GO! Jeez, couldn't you have just kept your nose in your own business and leave it alone? The poor critter's dead, and its caregivers dejected - was it worth it? I can’t help but think that the WDFW could have put its tax-payer-funded time to better use and higher priority issues. 
Shame here belongs to the person that complained and the WDFW. These people gave that squirrel a fighting chance and the rug was pulled out from under it. It was a death sentence and it needs to stop. Time to go to the legislators about this?

04 April 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Reflect on the Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's Assassination: 50 Trumps 45.

Also, I hate it when people fake the funk and have Dr. King and Malcolm X on their walls when they really are corporate shills who use their black robes to screw people and try to keep me from running Courtroom video. King County's own Monica Benton. At least she had to let me in (video) cos I would have sued her happy ass if she hadn't. #JudgeMonicaBenton.  

KingCast: More often than not, I am helping someone, somewhere. 

BTW I told that idiot lawyer representing that idiot lawyer who assaulted me: 

50 years later and not much has changed.. and I'm still waiting on the punishment for Mark W. Rattan 
1 minute ago at 5:22 PM 
To 29 recipients 

Yah Terry, Just stopping in on the 50th Anniversary of my namesake's Assassination to help contextualize things for you: 

1968: Black men and women, lawfully assembled, had to worry about being physically assaulted by white men of privilege. 

2018: Black men and women........

You see Terry this is the part of our Interactive Learning Experience where you use your context clues to fill in the blank. This way I can help you learn more about issues that divide our Country. KingCast: I'm here to help. 

30 March 2018

KingCast Presents: Meaningful Movies Discussion on Gentrification, Displacement and a Fine Film, "Company Town."

I met up with Jack at Issaquah Highland's Blakely Hall where a group of us reviewed and discussed the brilliant documentary "Company Town." In it we can see the alarming rate of evictions precipitated by the rise of a tech boom that is substantially different in nature than the one from 20 years ago. We discussed the deleterious side effects of this boom in what has been labeled the shared economy. In San Francisco each of those dots denotes an eviction, with more people sharing in soup kitchen lines. 

Somerville Massachusetts has the same problem. I know because I lived there, and I am following the problems they are facing in addition to cities like Seattle as Amazon is considering HQ2 there. Donations and grants help organizations like this meet the need for continued public discourse and introspection on crucial public policy issues that shape our lives.

Suggested Reading: Nadja Redmond's "I'm from Seattle but it's not my hometown anymore."

Suggested Reading: Reuters "Why No City Would Want Amazon's HQ2."
Suggested Reading: "Trump Slams Amazon on Taxes, Postal Use."
Suggested Reading: PBS Cities Dream of Wooing Amazon, but is it Worth it?

29 March 2018

KingCast Sees Asshole Judge Allen Sinclair Protecting Beta Theta Pi and the Frat Establishment so that More Children Will Die.

And this just in from the State that brought you "Cash for Kids...." 

This is completely ridiculous. These fucking frat brats had scienter written all over their faces -- and all over their text messages. They knew Timothy Piazza was drunk as hell and appeared dead after his fall down the stairs. They were scared about going to jail. Yet they let him lay there overnight, likely causing his death.

But in the Beta Theta Pi case, asshole protectionist Judge Allen Sinclair looked right on past that.  The Collegian correctly opines that both of Judge Sinclair's decisions in this case have been flat out wrong.

What else can you say from the State with Judge who allowed Cash for Kids just a few years ago:

One of the biggest corruption scandals to hit America's juvenile justice system started to unfold in 2007, when parents in a central Pennsylvania county began to complain that their children had been tossed into for-profit youth centers without a lawyer to represent them.  
Over the past eight years, the kickback scheme, known as "kids for cash," has resulted in prison terms for two Luzerne County judges and two businessmen — and convictions of thousands of juveniles have been tossed out. Now the case is entering its final chapter: a few remaining class action lawsuits in which victims are seeking millions of dollars in compensation. One of those claims drew to a close Monday, when a federal judge signed off on a settlement in which one of the businessmen, Robert Powell, would pay $4.75 million.  
The actual payouts will begin in December, after the plaintiffs choose whether to accept the settlement. Powell, who co-owned two private juvenile justice facilities, served an 18-month prison term after admitting to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to former Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. and his boss, Judge Michael Conahan. In return, Ciavarella routinely found children guilty and sent them to Powell's facilities.
This sort of mentality and protectionism for reckless, abusive frat and sororities continues on in later life, as I noted in this journal entry. "Superlawyer" Terry E. Johnson represents shitty frat boys who have a whole host of disciplinary problems as well as another shitty lawyer named Mark W. Rattan who physically attacked my camera and me. The attack violated the standing ORDER of the Court allowing me to run video of the State persecuting the hell out of one Wendy Alison Nora because she protects homeowners against wrongful foreclosure.

Men like this operate out of privilege and power and have no regard for the First Amendment or other relevant principles of law, and that is why I am busy kicking Johnson's ass and the case will move forward for punishment of his "client" Rattan.

I used quotes around "client" because Johnson never even signed the filings, in direct contravention of Law. Take a look.

So of course it fits that Terry E. Johnson represents frat boys, Chi Psi. They claim "Respect for one's self and others...."  As if his client respected me, right. 

Cornell suspended them for three years.

University of Oregon, one year.
University of Michigan, reprimanded.
Colorado, they killed Lynn Gordon Bailey. Here's the settlement.

And all of this after an Anti-Hazing video no less.

Boys will be Boys.

My email tĂȘte a tĂȘte with Terry:

Still waiting on the Decision in our case. I wonder if Mark Rattan was a frat boy. He sure acts like one don't he?

You having fun yet Terry?

You must be. You protect bad Frats too.


Never a dull or relevant moment.

Terry E. Johnson | von Briesen & Roper, s.c.
Direct: 414-221-6605 | tjohnson@vonbriesen.com

.......Yah, that frat mentality shit sure wasn't dull for Tim Piazza. Well I guess in the end, it was.

.......What is most germane will be the Decision on the punishment of your ummm, "client."

Now I'm having fun.


Never a dull or relevant moment.

Terry E. Johnson | von Briesen & Roper, s.c.
Direct: 414-221-6605 | tjohnson@vonbriesen.com


.......Yah, that frat mentality shit sure wasn't dull for Tim Piazza. Well I guess in the end, it was.

.......What is most germane will be the Decision on the punishment of your ummm, "client."

Now I'm having fun.



Excuse me—I meant to say always dull and never relevant.

Terry E. Johnson | von Briesen & Roper, s.c.
Direct: 414-221-6605 | tjohnson@vonbriesen.com


......Yah that's right, your knife is indeed, dull to boot.


PS: It's so hard to teach you establishment pricks anything. What was also relevant is the First Amendment in last week's post about the Car and Driver spy photo session. See remember the dude in Kia's new luxury car was pissed off JUST LIKE YOUR "CLIENT." But he was smart and he kept his fucking hands off of my equipment and me.


I don't generally respond to dull things so methinks perhaps you really do get it. So there's hope for you yet buddy. I'll keep spoon feeding ya.

Baby steps for the arrogant.

PPS: You and your client keep your fucking hands off of my equipment and me. You get THAT, right?